4 Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (2024)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 brought about big changes in terms of both hardware and software. In contrast, the Galaxy Watch 5 series is more of an iterative update. One notable change with the elder sibling — the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro — is that it’s more durable than before. Samsung is using a sapphire crystal for display protection meaning it’s harder to scratch.

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But, using a stronger material does not mean it’s shatterproof. If you’re going to use your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for adventurous activities or while playing a sport, it’s best to have an additional layer of protection for the display. The best way to do that is to get a screen protector. We’ve made your job simpler by curating a list of the best Galaxy Watch 5 Pro screen protectors you can buy.

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With that out of the way, let’s get to the screen protectors.

1. Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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The Supershieldz screen protector for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is made of tempered glass so you don’t have to worry about everyday objects, like keys and coins, scratching it. The size of the protector is slightly smaller than the display on the watch due to its recessed display.

This is a simple, no-nonsense, pack of 3 screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The edge, or rather the circumference of the entire screen protector is 2.5D curved, making it easier to perform gestures or swipe around the display when using the watch.

Since you get 3 screen protectors in the pack, you don’t have to worry if you mess up during installation or if the applied screen protector shatters. Further, you can use this screen protector along with a case without any issues. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a thick bezel around the display so a screen protector shouldn’t interfere with a case either way.

If you’re confident about applying the tempered glass without any guide trays or stickers, go ahead with this screen protector. It should be fairly simple since the brand claims that you get a bubble-free installation. It’s also pretty inexpensive considering you get 3 in a pack.

2. SPGUARD Screen Protector

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This is a pack of 4 tempered glass screen protectors that are similar to the one mentioned earlier. There are a few changes though, like a flat circumference instead of a 2.5D curved one, and a slightly smaller size overall which leaves a little bit of a gap around the border.

If 3 screen protectors weren’t enough and you keep breaking them often — here, take an extra one! The screen protectors for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro in this pack are slightly smaller in comparison to the previous ones. As a result, you will see a little bit of gap around the screen when applying it.

This, coupled with the fact that this screen protector is not 2.5D curved would mean that the glass may not feel as smoothly integrated with the watch’s display. However, some users may prefer a flat glass over a curved one because of the way it looks or feels. Not to forget, you’re getting an additional screen protector here for not a lot of extra money.

One good thing about this screen protector for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is that you get alignment stickers in the pack, making it easier to apply the tempered glass if you’re inexperienced. It’s still not as good as an alignment tray, but at least you’re getting something.

3. Spigen GlasTR EZ Fit

4 Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (4)

Unlike all the other screen protectors on this list, this one from Spigen comes with an alignment tray, making it extremely simple to apply the tempered glass onto the Galaxy Watch 5’s display. You can be sure that you won’t go wrong with the alignment on this one, hence the “easy” fit reference in the name. If you haven’t applied a lot of screen protectors before, this one is specifically for you.

Spigen has designed this screen protector in a way that you can easily apply it using the alignment tray provided in the package. All you have to do is clean the display and place the screen protector along with the application tray on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s display. You can apply the screen protector with perfect alignment and precision.

Unlike the other screen protector, you only get 2 in the pack with the Spigen EZ Fit at a higher price. But, you’re paying for the ease of use and convenience that you get with the alignment tray. You won’t have to worry about messing up the installation, so you won’t necessarily need backup options unless you shatter the glass.

As for the quality of the screen protector, you can expect the best oleophobic coating on this one since it’s from a reputed brand. What this means is that this screen protector would be smoother to use, although it doesn’t have 2.5D curves along the circumference. If you absolutely need the applicator tray to apply the tempered glass, this is your best bet.

4. Bling Case and Screen Protector

4 Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (5)

While all of the above listings only ship with a screen protector in the package, this one includes some additional goodies that you may like using. Along with 6 — yes, you read that right — screen protectors, the brand is also giving you 5 interchangeable crystal bumpers to enhance the look of your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Want to add a hint of bling to your smartwatch along with protecting the screen? Just pick up this combo pack with 6 screen protectors and 5 bumper cases! The glass screen protectors are pretty generic in the sense that they offer a good amount of protection but don’t come with any sort of application guides. However, they get the job done in terms of protecting the display on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which is what matters.

The highlight of this combo pack is the different types of bumper cases that you’re getting along with the screen protectors. These are hard polycarbonate shells that snap onto the front of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to completely change your watch’s look. You get 5 different color options to match your outfit for the day.

Each shell has crystals all along the circumference for the extra bling! Apart from looking cool, this bumper also helps protect the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s external chassis and the display to a certain extent since the case is what will suffer damage when it comes in contact with any surface. This is an excellent way to customize your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro without hurting your pockets.

Save the Display

Prevention is always better than cure. Replacing the display of the Galaxy Watch if it ends up shattering can be an expensive affair. Instead, just pick up one of these Galaxy Watch 5 pro screen protectors to ensure your display stays safe at all times.

4 Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (2024)
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