6 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protectors and Cases (2024)

Screen protectors and cases are necessary to prevent any scuff marks on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. These cases prove to be handy to protect against accidental bumps on door frames and table corners. And these Galaxy Watch 4 screen protectors and cases help to prevent just that.

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protectors and Cases (1)

If you are planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and buy protective cases and screen protectors for it, here are our top recommendations. But before that,

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1. SpGuard Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protector (40mm)

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protectors and Cases (2)

The SpGuard screen protector is conventional and fits over the screen of the smartwatch. It does away with additional bumpers for the watch body. It is easy to apply and fits the watch perfectly. And several users have backed this claim. There’s no loss of sensitivity, and it gets the work done fine.

It’s affordable, and a single packet gets you 3 screens. Though the SpGuard screen protector is the best out of the lot, it’s not the most durable product out there. High pressure on the screen may break or chip the screen.

2. Tensea Screen Protector Case (44mm)

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protectors and Cases (3)

The Tensea screen protector takes the game a little up the ladder. Not only does it comes with a protective screen, but it also bundles a PC bumper on the edges to protect the edges from dings and scratches. The screen protector is anti-scratch and does good work of keeping the screen in pristine condition.

It’s a low-profile case and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Installation can be a little challenging, though. On the upside, this case offers decent protection for the price. Plus, all the cuts are in the right place, which makes the buttons easily accessible.

However, the all-around protection makes the bezel a little difficult to use. It’s still usable. However, you will have to put in a tiny bit of extra effort to get it moving.

3. Haojavo 2 Pack Case for Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm)

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protectors and Cases (4)

Another screen protector that you can have a peek at is the one by Haojavo. Like the one above, it fits over the watch body completely and protects both the screen and the bumpers. It’s easy to install, and quite a few users have backed this point.

The case fits the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 like a glove. Several people have pointed this out as part of their reviews on Amazon. Plus, users like the fact that the touch sensitivity is spot on.

It looks nice, and there are quite a few color options you can pick from. If you are in the mood to experiment, you can try out the 6-pack version.

Installation is pain-free. You need to fit one side of the watch and then pull gently to fit the other side.

4. Spigen Liquid Air Armor (44mm)

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protectors and Cases (5)

If you want a name-brand product, you can consider the Spigen Liquid Air for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Unlike the ones above, it’s a simple case and doesn’t have a built-in screen protector. That said, it’s a slim and sleek case, and the matte surface adds a distinctive look to the watch.

One of the distinctive features is the raised lip along with the screen, which prevents any untoward scratches and marks on the screen. Besides that, it fits the Watch 4 like a glove and offers a good amount of protection.

It’s not without its limitations. For example, the buttons are a little difficult to push. Secondly, the digital bezels are a little difficult to use. This is especially true if you have slightly big fingers.

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Screen Protector (44mm)

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protectors and Cases (6)

Another Spigen case that you can consider if you often bang your wrist against walls and door frames is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. It’s a transparent case and lets the original color of your watch stand out. At the same time, this hard plasticky case shields the watch from the effects of bumps and drops.

It fits well, and since there’s no screen protector over the screen, you do not have to worry about losing the touch sensitivity. The insides stay safe from dust since this Spigen case for the Watch 4 comes with button protectors. And like the one above, the sensors on the back are not covered and don’t hinder any operation.

On the downside, the buttons are a tad hard to press.

6. Ringke Air Sports (44mm)

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protectors and Cases (7)

Last but not least, we have the shockproof case from Ringke. It combines a case and a physical bezel, and this feature separates it from the other cases in this list. The former brings a clean look to your wrist, all thanks to its all-black look. It sits snugly against the watch body and keeps it safe from dings and marks.

At the same time, the physical bezel ups the looks of the watch by many folds. The good thing is that you won’t find any difficulty in rotating the bezel, which is an issue with some of the Watch 4 cases.

Take Cover

While watch cases and protectors manage to keep the watch from harm’s way, they are also susceptible to sweat and moisture build-up. If you lead an active lifestyle, you might want to clean the watch and the case with a microfiber cloth to keep germs from building up.

6 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Screen Protectors and Cases (2024)
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