You'll Be the Talk of the Party with THESE 5 Potluck Recipes! | Vegan Oil-Free (2024)

It’s time for another one of our Top 5 videos! Today we’re talking about our 5 favorite potluck meals. These meals are those that travel SUPER well to friend’s houses, parties, picnics, and more. The key to a really great potluck meal is something that can either be made in advance, that keeps it’s texture while traveling, or doesn’t have to be a certain temperature. We have a few different options on our list and we’re sure you’ll be taking these with you to your next gathering!

We LOVE this dip because it’s so simple and easy to throw together, yet it is such a crowd-pleaser. You don’t have to mention that this one is vegan, folks! While this one is a bit more calorie dense because of the walnuts, you can guarantee it will please everyone at the party. This one is so fast to put together that you don’t have to make it that far in advance. It just takes a few minutes of prep and you’ll be out the door in no time!

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Can you name ONE person who doesn’t love lasagne? I can’t! I love bringing this as a main dish to gatherings where I know there will be a couple of other plant-based eaters that would appreciate a healthy option. We love bringing our lasagne in a pyrex thermal carrying case, which keeps it very warm until it is time to serve. The great thing about this recipe too, is you can assemble it the night before and pop it in the oven either before or during your gathering. It can also be frozen before cooking or after making it even easier to prepare.

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Enchiladas are one of those meals that you make when you want to look like you spent all day cooking but you really didn’t spend much time at all! I was so surprised the first time Dillon made enchiladas because once you’ve made your sauce, the rest is easy peasy. You can use almost any type of filling you want for enchiladas as well as green or red sauce. It also makes it a perfect “kitchen sink” meal because you can use up all the leftover veggies in your fridge in the filling. Yummy!

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Our falafel video got so many views and I think I know why - they are fast, easy, and a classic recipe that everyone needs to try. You might think falafels are a labor of love but really once you soak the chickpeas overnight, the rest comes together really fast. These are great for potlucks because they are so easily transportable! Once cooked you can serve them at room temperature as a full meal with pita, salad, and tzatziki, or as a simple appetizer with tzatziki or hummus. Everyone will be glad you brought them!

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We couldn’t do a potluck video without including at least one breakfast or brunch option! This veggie quiche is so delicious and you wouldn’t believe how simple it is. If you’re serving many people, I would suggest doubling the recipe and cooking it in a pyrex so that there’s more to eat and it’s easier to transport. This is another one of those that can be assembled the night before so all you have to worry about is cooking it the day of. And don’t forget to top it with some Well Your World Sriracha!

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This Chickpea Salad recipe is probably a Well Your Worldling favorite. This is almost exclusively our go-to meal if we need to pack a lunch. It’s easy to put in a tupperware and throw in your cooler to make some DIY sandwiches when picnicking or camping. We’ve even taken this on road trips and stopped at the side of the road to enjoy a chickpea salad sandwich. It’s also great served over a bead of greens as a salad or with some healthy crackers as an appetizer. You’re going to love this one!

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You'll Be the Talk of the Party with THESE 5 Potluck Recipes! | Vegan Oil-Free (1)

We whipped up this Mystery Bake in our “Chopped” episode of Well Your Weekend, which we called “Sliced!” We had a bunch of mystery ingredients and came up with this cheesy quinoa casserole with a Latin-twist, of course. All we did was prepare a cheese sauce from scratch using cauliflower, and mixed it with quinoa, corn, peppers, and onions in a dish and baked it to casserole perfection. Of course if you don’t want to make your Cheese from scratch, you can make it even faster with our WYW Cheese Sauce Mix. How’s that for easy?

Those are our top 5 favorite potluck meals to make you need to bring over a dish to impress. We hope you’ll give some of these a try and let us know what you think!

Til Next Time… Xoxo Reebs

You'll Be the Talk of the Party with THESE 5 Potluck Recipes! | Vegan Oil-Free (2024)
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