Spring/Summer Trend - Sneakers Reviews (2023)


Hi everyone,
I can ditch the boots and heavy shoes for the Winter and welcome trainers, sneakers and runners for the Spring and Summer seasons. I want to do a quick review of six of my sneakers. Hope it can help you in choosing something that’s suitable for you.
- Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Madison Mid-top www.converse.com/shop/p/chuck-taylor-all-star-madison-womens-mid-shoe/563512MP.html

- Reebok Classic Leather with Gum Sole
- Cole Haan Grand Pro Court

- Adidas Grand Court

- Adidas Swift Run

- Tretorn Tournament Net

- Coach Clip Leather Low Top (just purchased waiting for arrival)

White and neutral trainers can go with many Spring and Summer outfits. Let me know if you have any favorites for the warmer leather.

Gmail: laviecece8@gmail.com
Poshmark: @cece_917


Hi everyone, how are you doing today? So now that we're kind of into this warmer, spring weather, you know, we're done with the heavy shoes, the booze from winter.

So for today's video, I figured I'd be talking about, uh, runners, sneakers, trainers.

However, you wanted to call those that will be wearing more.

And the warmer weather like you know, spring and summer.

So, um, I have six pairs here.

And I kind of wanted to maybe just do a quick review of all these different sneakers from different brands that pan out for me.

So hopefully you find it useful, um, you know, so you can make some purchase decisions, um, you know for for sneakers.

So the first pair I'm going to be talking about is these, um converse.

Chuck taylor all star medicine, mid top, uh, canvas, sneakers, right, um.

So they have the round toe or the rubber tip canvas.

I got the mid top because the high tab for me.

I just feel.

It was a little bit hard to get in and out of, um being that.

You know, I do wear in the warmer season.

I didn't want it to be too high and too restrictive and confined.

So I got the mid top, um.

So on the website, they suggest you to that they run big and to get half size smaller.

Now I am a size seven, um.

So, you know, after review reading the reviews I did decide to get the six and a half.

So it was okay.

But I just felt that here the ball, the flat felt a little bit tight, my toes, weren't crammed.

It didn't have enough space, but it just felt a little bit tight.

(Video) Spring/Summer Trend - Sneakers Reviews

So I think if I were to get these again, I would get my true size of size seven now they were pretty comfortable.

I didn't need to, um, break them in it.

Didn't give me blisters, um, you know, besides maybe just the fact that they were a little bit tight up here, but otherwise they were comfortable, um, you know, the first couple times I was fine wearing these, um without having blisters, uh.

Now they are canvas.

So you know, you you can't wash them.

And I usually just wipe it down, you know, if it gets dirty, um, so I do like these, um, I would recommend it only maybe perhaps get your true size.

Now, the next pair I'm going to talk about is the reebok classic leather sneakers.

Oh, the converse, um, they retail about sixty dollars.

So the reeboks they retail for I believe about 75 hours now growing up.

These were the same designs that I've seen growing up so it's, um, very nostalgic.

You know, with the design.

So I did get the gum.

So because it's a little bit different, compared to the other sneakers that I have which have the same color.

So so I figured get the gum.

So just to be a little bit different.

They are leather.

So you can wipe it clean.

When I first purchased these, the lace was not up to the last hole.

And so I wore them.

And but they felt I just feel like the design.

I feel like the heel part was too shallow.

And my foot was, how did I say it was like trying to I feel like my foot was trying to constantly get out of the shoe, and I would lose my shoe like walking down the street.

So I did move it all the way up to the last hole.

And I also went under the tongue so that the tongue could kind of stick to the shoelace.

So that gives additional support and holding of my foot.

But still I still feel like the heel is still kind of get out of the shoe.

Now when I wear it, so otherwise they are comfortable, and I didn't need to break in with these sneakers.

So the next pair I'm going to talk about is these cole, haans, uh, they are the grand pro rally quartz.


They come in ivory so it's, not as white as the previous two other pairs.

Um, I really liked it when I saw it, because it did have the snakeskin design.

(Video) Top 10 Sneakers For SPRING/SUMMER 2023

So I give a little bit more of an option, but yeah, it's still like neutral, color, um, I haven't bought cohan shoes in a while just because I felt their qualities were dwindling down.

They were mass producing it.

You know, issues were not comfortable as they you know that they used to be, um.


But when I saw these, I said, you know what let me give it a try, um.

So these will retail for 120.

But I believe this particular style has been being discontinued, and I was able to get it at, um.

I think it was like 80, um, but they do have the grand pro in a newer design.

So these were really comfortable being that they're leather on the outside and also interior.

It was a little bit stiff to get into the shoe.

So I just used a shoe horn to help me get into the shoe.

But I you know, but they're so light, because the fact that you know their their their design, um, it was just super light.

And once I got into it, I was able to wear the first day I worked for a few hours, and it was okay.

I did it didn't give me blisters, which I didn't need to break it in.

And the fact that it was so light.

And it was really easy to style with, you know, because they're not like that starch white, um.

So I really like these a lot, um, so I think I would really recommend these and um so these again, they retail for 120.

But I think this particular one has been discontinued another type of design.

You can find it on on their website.

So the next pair I'm going to be talking about is this adidas now, a couple few years back, um, I think it was really trendy.

And I think everybody had these were like the green, the the stan smith ones.

So I did get these and try them on, especially that with the rose color.

I felt they were so cute, um.

So when I try them on, um, I felt they were a little bit stiff.

So I did size up.

I got the seven and a half now, maybe I shouldn't have, but the fact that they were stiff, I felt like maybe having that little extra space to kind of help me break it in easier, not really.

So I wore these few times, and I really wore them a few times every time for the first seven or eight times wearing it.

It was giving me blisters from back here.

And the fact that these souls are so stiff like I feel like I'm, a duck like pounding on the pavement.

So they were giving me boosters here.

And I felt that it would just didn't have any uh flexibility.

(Video) 9 Shoes OUT OF STYLE in 2023! *what to wear instead*

So I was a dog with blisters.

I would not recommend these maybe getting the side half size.

Bigger was not the correct way to go.

But it was just too stiff to get in my regular size.

I would not get these ever again, and I will probably get rid of these, because the fact that they till this day is still giving me blisters.

Yes, they look very cute, but you know, it's not worth the pain of wearing these.

So that was adidas.

Now I do wear adidas and other style, and I really like them, I run with them.

So I got these, um, I believe they're called this swift running sneakers.

And this is not exactly white, but it's kind of in that new color that's, why I kind of wanted to include these pairs now on the website, it does say that they run big.

And I again with the reviews I.

So I choose to get the 6.5 six and a half instead of the seven, and they are pretty good they're, a really good size.

So I think they do run vague so they're in this mesh, um, they're, very light.

I don't run with them.

I have special running shoe just because my feet.

It doesn't have arch.

So I really need the arch support.

But these, if you wear them out, you know, on a casual day, they're, really light, they're comfortable, they hug your feet.

So I really like these adidas, instead of the other ones.

So and what's good about these, because the tongue is one piece.

So you can slip in and out quite comfortably and easily.


And yeah, I really enjoy these, because the fact that they're kind of like a light neutral color, you know, you could pretty much wear with anything, um neutral, or even darker color, because it kind of, you know blends in so I would recommend these, um, they're, super light.

So another pair I'm going to talk about are these, um, sweet horns, right? So I got these maybe like two years ago.

And when I wear for the first time, I'm, like, oh, my gosh, these are so comfortable I didn't need to break in.

So I got another pair.

So these are the new pairs.

The old pairs.

I have they're kind of worn.

So I kind of have to retire them.

So these are the new.

(Video) These Sneakers are GUARANTEED to Improve your Style in 2023

This is the same exact pair.

So this is the tree torn tournament net.

Sneakers come in the vintage white.

Now I think they might have these up like previous seasons.

They might have different colors for this season, but I think they still carry it.

Uh, these retail for 65.

And again, because the fact that they come in this mesh design, um.

And also they have this removable foam, so it's, very cushioned, it's, very comfortable, and I don't need to wear socks with these, because you could just take out the foam, and you could just wash it if it gets stinky, it does give a lot of air circulation just because these are mesh and again, they're super cute, um.

And it didn't need breaking in so that's.

Why I got two pairs to kind of stock up, I usually don't stock up just because you know, you know, there are other designs.

Other brands.

But I just feel like these.

I wanted to stock up.

Just in case, they were just continue or whatnot.

So I would highly recommend these sneakers.

So, and I just recently purchased another pair from coach which, um, the reason being they were, you know, they look cute and also because the the c, which my name starts with the c.

So I figure, okay, you know, kind of my initials.

So you know, I wanted to try those.

I believe they were also on sale, and they might have a new style coming up with those sneakers.

So I wanted to give them a try and see how they are, um, so on a scale of ranking these sneakers, um, I think I would rank my cohans than the swift, uh, the adidas swift running.

And because these more like feel like to trainers, and the cohans might be a little bit more versatile and wearing, you know, everyday cool outfits, and then the tree twines and the converse then the reeboks.

And lastly is these adidas, which I soon will be getting rid of, um.

So I hope this video is useful for you to kind of take into consideration of the sneakers, render strainer that you know, you're looking to get for the warmer.

Weather, um, you know, again, it's really comfort.

First, right, I when I even got these adidas, I thought they were comfortable, but it turns out they were not, but the rest of the sneakers they're very comfortable.

And you know, the designs are great.

And they are very versatile with, you know, wearing, you know, uh, summer, spring, clothes.

So, um, you know, again, I hope this is useful for you and please comment down below what type of sneakers or what brand sneakers that you also like that, you know, you feel they're comfortable and also for design and they're cute as well for the warmer weather.

And please keep a thumbs up like share and subscribe and I'll.

See you next time in my next video, take care, everyone, bye.


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