Dead by Daylight: How To Complete White Glyph Challenge (2024)

Dead by Daylight is a game of cat and mouse, with Survivors doing their best to escape the clutches of Killers, but there's more than just looping and throwing pallets to think about. The Tomes within the Archive give players a series of challenges to complete for rewards of Bloodpoints and Rift Fragments, helping the player level up and unlock new characters. These challenges vary from hooking Survivors to opening chests and escaping Trials.

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Amongst the Archive's fiendish challenges are the Glyph challenges, organized by color: Green, Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, and White. Of these, the White Glyph challenge is arguably the most difficult in Dead by Daylight. With a little knowledge, skill, and preparation, even the White Glyph challenge can be bested. Here are some tips on how to do it.

The Nature Of The White Glyph

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There are a variety of Glyph challenges that players can use to earn more Bloodpoints, and each has its own requirements. Whereas the Purple Glyph challenge is exclusive to Killers, and the Green and Red Glyphs can be completed by either side, the White Glyph challenge can only be completed by Survivors.

Unlike the Green and Red Glyphs which the Survivor need only find and interact with to complete the challenge, the White Glyph has unique criteria for completion.

Find And Touch The White Glyph

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At the beginning of the Trial, the survivor will see the aura of the White Glyph somewhere on the map. The first step in completing the challenge is to reach the Glyph and interact with it. In theory, this step is the simplest of the challenge as it only requires the Survivor to travel across the map. In practice, the difficulty of this step depends upon whether the Killer has seen and is chasing the Survivor. The White Glyph challenge is effectively impossible to complete if the Killer is chasing the Survivor, so an important tip is to avoid detection by the Killer until the challenge is complete.

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Interacting with the Glyph's aura places the White Glyph (a fragile mirror) in the Survivor's hand, causing them to drop any item they may have been holding. For this reason, it's advisable to either not bring an item into the Trial while doing the White Glyph challenge or only bring an inexpensive item that can be lost with little consequence. While it's possible to return to the dropped item later and pick it back up, there's a good reason not to, discussed below.

Take The Glyph To The Basem*nt

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The challenge tasks players with taking the mirror to "a dangerous place," and though the challenge text doesn't specify, that place is the basem*nt. On many maps the basem*nt can spawn in either the Killer Shack or main building, so the Survivor will need to find the basem*nt and then bring the Glyph into it.

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The journey to the basem*nt isn't so simple, however. Performing any rushed action--such as fast-vaulting a window or pallet, or jumping in or out of lockers--will break the White Glyph, as will falling from a great height or being hit by the Killer. It's for this reason that being chased by the Killer makes the challenge almost impossible, as escaping the Killer and making it into the basem*nt without performing any of the actions listed above is extremely difficult in most circ*mstances.

Escape With The Glyph

Near the rear hook in the basem*nt, another white aura will spawn, and interacting with this aura completes the challenge. The player doesn't need to escape the Trial; even if they die, their 25k Bloodpoint reward will still be waiting for them in the Archive as a reward for completing the challenge. There is, however, a good reason to try to escape.

After interacting with the Glyph aura in the basem*nt, the mirror in the player's hand will be repaired and will no longer be broken by rushed actions or other activities. If the Survivor is able to escape the Trial with the mirror in hand, they will receive a reward of an additional 25k Bloodpoints, for a total of 50k Bloodpoints from a single challenge.

Dead By Daylight was released in June 2016 and is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Stadia.

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Dead by Daylight: How To Complete White Glyph Challenge (2024)
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