38 Vegan Holiday Recipes For Thanksgiving, Christmas, Or Any Cold Winter Night (2024)

We've got you covered whether you need meal ideas for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other winter dinner occasion.

Whitney JeffersonPublished on November 19, 2019

Vegan Huggs / Via veganhuggs.com

This tasty main course is sure to impress your holiday guests with its taste and presentation. This recipe's filling is mostly mushrooms and nuts and it's topped with a tasty puff pastry crust.

Food With Feeling / Via foodwithfeeling.com

With two cans of vegan crescent rolls in hand, you can make this vegan holiday wreath taco recipe in under 15 minutes of prep time.

Nora Cooks / Via noracooks.com

Raw cashews, non-dairy milk, veggie broth and nutritional yeast make up the sauce for this mouth-watering scalloped potatoes recipe.

Occasionally Eggs / Via occasionallyeggs.com

Lentils, carrots, and mushrooms fill the inside of this absolutely picture-perfect holiday pie recipe.

Food By Maria / Via foodbymaria.com

This recipe is a take on a classic panzanella salad is a crowd-pleaser — especially with the addition of vegan mozzarella!

Sunnyside Hanne / Via sunnysidehanne.com

Fool all of your guests with a vegan "ham" recipe that looks a lot like the real thing.

Veganosity / Via veganosity.com

This savory "meatloaf" recipe is made from chickpeas and yet will taste a lot like the real thing. I've made it before and can attest that it's a hit!

Minimalist Baker / Via minimalistbaker.com

Lentils and whipped potatoes are the star ingredient of this tasty Shepherd's Pie recipe.

Simple Veganista / Via simple-veganista.com

Serve this fall-inspired salad recipe filled with roasted golden beets, cauliflower, and chickpeas for an extra protein punch.

Holy Cow Vegan / Via holycowvegan.net

Soo, I didn't know that tater tot casseroles were even a thing, but now that I've stumbled upon this recipe, I'm going to have to try making this sometime.

Eat With Clarity / Via eatwithclarity.com

Make good use of in-season squashes for this delicious salad recipe.

Where Do You Get Your Protein / Via whereyougetyourprotein.com

This recipe proves that you don't need a turkey to make delicious leftover-like sandwiches at any time.

Hummusapien / Via hummusapien.com

This pasta recipe tastes just like spinach and artichoke dip, but as a full meal! Count me in.

Ambitious Kitchen / Via ambitiouskitchen.com

This decadent recipe for lasagna uses butternut squash as the main flavor profile and is topped off with a garlic tahini. Heavenly!

Heather Christo / Via heatherchristo.com

Nothing better to make in cold weather than a bunch of roasted vegetables, and this recipe is super easy to make.

Veganosity / Via veganosity.com

This recipe is simple enough to make with a seasonal acorn squash, kale, and quinoa.

Connoisseurus Veg / Via connoisseurusveg.com

This recipe for flaky, golden treats are super easy to make with vegan phyllo pastry dough.

Green Kitchen Stories / Via greenkitchenstories.com

I consider this recipe to be a holiday version of hasselback potatoes given the green pesto and red tomatoes — but let me know if you disagree in the comments!

Yup It's Vegan / Via yupitsvegan.com

One of the great delights in my vegan life was when I discovered that you can, in fact, make a vegan quiche. This recipe in particular calls for a tofu-chickpea base.

Minimalist Baker / Via minimalistbaker.com

This brussels sprouts recipe is pretty simple to make and absolutely delicious.

22. Hungarian Twice-Baked Potatoes

38 Vegan Holiday Recipes For Thanksgiving, Christmas, Or Any Cold Winter Night (2)

One Green Planet / Via onegreenplanet.org

This unique spin on twice-baked potatoes incorporates Hungarian paprika. Grab some russet potatoes and try this recipe for yourself.

The Fitchen / Via thefitchen.com

This recipe for a broccoli quinoa casserole is very easy to make and twice as delicious.

Connoisserus Veg / Via connoisseurusveg.com

Everyone loves a pot pie! And with this recipe, you'll be whipping up a savory classic filled with so many veggies that you won't miss the chicken.

The Stingy Vegan / Via thestingyvegan.com

This lentil stew recipe is simply perfect for warm winter nights.

Oh She Glows / Via ohsheglows.com

This casserole is both easy and delicious — the perfect recipe to whip up on the fly!

Snixy Kitchen / snixykitchen.com

This tasty dessert recipe can easily be made gluten free by using a grain-free loaf of bread.

Richa Hingle / Via veganricha.com

This recipe for a cauliflower casserole tastes so much like macaroni and cheese, you may never go back.

Nirvana Cakery / Via nirvanacakery.com

Gather up your Fall and Winter squashes for this truly pretty recipe.

Healthier Steps / Via healthiersteps.com

Smoked paprika, veggie broth, and liquid aminos bring this recipe for green beans to life.

Full of Plants / Via fullofplants.com

Pretty much all you need is a blender and some celeriac for this tasty, mashed potato-like recipe.

Yup It's Vegan / Via yupitsvegan.com

Sweet potatoes are great, but have you ever tried glazed potatoes? Mmm, yes. Get the recipe here.

Veggie Society / Via veggiesociety.com

This recipe is delicious as a side dish with any holiday meal!

Vegan Huggs / Via veganhuggs.com

This recipe for a cauliflower casserole tastes so much like macaroni and cheese, you may never go back to eating that instead.

Veggies Save The Day / Via veggiessavetheday.com

This recipe calls for a cup of dry white wine and can be made with virtually any vegetable.

36. Carrot Halwa Trifle

38 Vegan Holiday Recipes For Thanksgiving, Christmas, Or Any Cold Winter Night (3)

Veggiecurean / Via veggiecurean.com

This new take on a traditional Indian dessert is the perfect thing to serve to your guests.

Oh She Glows / Via ohsheglows.com

This recipe for chocolate-y, pumpkin-y cake-like muffins have a surprise in the inside.

38. Vegan Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie

38 Vegan Holiday Recipes For Thanksgiving, Christmas, Or Any Cold Winter Night (4)

Bitchy Vegan Kitchen / Via bitchyvegankitchen.com

If you've been missing this kind of pie since going vegan, you're in luck! Try this recipe for a veganized pecan pie, made with Bourbon!

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